11 May 2010

Summer moods

Oh dear, don't tell me it's already May and I haven't posted anything yet.
I am not good in blogging, no discipline at all! Please don't think that I have forgotten you, but I just don't manage to find this extra minute to write all things down.
I am studying, studying and again, studying very hard and working, and cooking and crafting... not much crafting lately... but anyway.

As you remember this year the Orthodoxe Easter was at the same day as the Catholic one. To give you an idea about how I do celebrate Easter:

Special Easter cake, the dough is a bit like white bread dough but sweeter. It is quite dry but the scent of cardamom and cinnamon makes it very aromatic. I also paint eggs (they are hard boiled and then painted) or use special stickers - quite modern isn't it ;-) A very special one - Pascha - is a dessert made of cottage chees, eggs and butter. It is very sweet, a real calory bom but soooooooooooooo tasty. And we eat it just once a year!

All these goodies I bring to the church on Saturday morning before Easter so that they can be blessed and sprinkled with holy water. After a long Lent wich lasts 7 weeks we may taste our special cuisine on Sunday morning - the Easter Day!!!

I have been reading Attic24 and Lucy wrote there about her caravan. Well isn't it just so cosy and nice all those retro and vintage models she introduces. I love them all. Our camper is far from being vintage as my second half doesn't allow me to let my fantasy fly...

He wants to keep it NORMAL whatever he means with it (well he means white and black and a bit of grey...normal BORING I call it)... But I am trying here and there, you know...

We have already managed to get away for 1 week this spring. It was fantastcic - Belgian Ardennes can be so beautiful. The weather was super good, around 25 C all the time so we have really enjoyed us - the doggies also, of course.

By the way the doggies have a new way of transportation...

Very very handy - I also do my groceries with it. Love it!!! Am not I so very ecological-enviromental minded? ;-)

Yes I also have a couple of finished craft projects but as the weather is has changed to very bad and rainy I haven't had a chance to make nice shoots of them... So have to postpone posting any pics for the moment.

I wish you a nice week for the rest and I really truly hope to be back ASAP with more news!!!