10 December 2009

10th December

Promise to explain it all later! Have to run now. Kisses!!!!

8 December 2009

8th December

Cute little bears to warm you up these days.

To proceed with the bears-theme here we go:

And off I go to continue my studies...anatomy is hard my dears!

7 December 2009

7th December

If you are looking for a new fresh idea for your advent calender for the next year here I have a suggestions. This one comes from December issue of MC des idees. I have to admit though that you need a stairs to make something like this ;-)

And what do you think about this lovely candy bag? Do you know that Ikea has these kind of candy bags this year? It is an easy option if you don't want to make them yourself...

Less cute but more practicalare these usefull gloves for cleaning. Can be used as a present, although I won't be thrilled to get something like this under my Christmas tree.

I hope you've noticed that all these ideas are number 7-marked!!!

Another marvelous tip is just to use your lovey rubber boots as gift socks. I really love it! Simple and cute.

I buy Marie Claire des idees for a couple of years now ad I find a lot of interesting ideas, tips and sugestions in every issue. This magazine is in French, whic is not that easy for me, but on the other hand it stimulates me to practice my French in a very pleasant way!

I will leave you with some more beautiful pictures from December issue:

And this idea cmes from December issue from last year. It's quite eqsy to make, you need to use Fimo and be a bit patient and accurate - the rest are peanuts ;-)

And a birdy of course which do remind me of Attic24 style a lot!

See you tomorrow guys!

6 December 2009

6th December

The December edition of Marie Claire des idees is full of nice pictures and tips to make your Christmas very special.

As promised here are some more pictures of my Christmas decorations:

This branch I found in the park after a storm. I've just put into a vase wrapped in white fabric, decorated it with little LED-lights (they work on batteries), wooden red hearts and gift boxes from Ikea.

My photocamera is not the best one in the world, so unfortunately I can't take good pictures in the dark, but this is how it more or less looks...

And this is my Sunday bread - wholegrane this time:

Trust me - there is almost nothing better in the world than to enjoy a slice of fresh bread on Sunday morning during your breakfast!!!

Dear friends, have a very nice Sunday evening.

5 December 2009

5th December

I just don't get anywhere near my craft projects...no time or am I just lazy? A bit lazy I guess. I woke up at 7.30 am this morning to let the dog out. It was pouring cats and dogs, I am really tired of all this rain. How much water do we actually get this autumn??? Anyway, I just went in my dressing gown outside to stand in the rain and wait till Felix found the right place to lift up his pow. Because not every tree or pole is suitable for lifting his pow at, you know my dears. And then after comming back to my cosy warm bedroom I made a huge mistake and decided to lay down for just a couple of minutes. Right, you get the idea...next time I opened my eyes it was already 10 am...and still raining. So half of the day has passed.

The only decent thing you can do when it's raining outside is ... COOK! At my local supermarket you can find great dels on Saturdays. So what I often do is go there on Saturday and get as much as I canin promotion. They have vegetables sliced and packed on a very interesting price. My problem is that if you have to buy all the ingredients let's say for a soup, it's too much for one person. But when I buy it pre-packed it's just enough for 2-3 meals for me. So today I got some soup mixes - one for marrow soup and the other one for parsley soup. As they were in promotion, it means they had to be cooked the same day. So I have made 2 pots of soup and I am going to freeze one of them. This is also great for using in the week, when I have less time for cooking.

Marrow soup:
700 ml water
2 small green marrows
celery leaves
1 onion
1 handful of spinache
5-6 leaves of fresh mint
2 cloves of garlic
salt, pepper and spices

Just let the water boil, add all the vegetables and cook approx 20 minutes. Add salt and spices, blend it all and serve!

Суп с кабачком:

700 мл воды
2 маленьких цуккини
листва сельдерея
1 луковица
горсть свежих листьев шпината (или 1 кубик замороженного шпината)
5-6 листочков свежей мяты
2 дольки чеснока
соль, перец, специи по-вкусу

Овощи порезать кубиками, шпинат добавлить цельными листьями. Дать воде закипеть, добавить овощи и варить до готовности примерно 20 мин. Добавить соль и специи. Все перемешать в блендере и подавать горячим.

Parsley soup:

600 ml water
1 leek
1 onion
1 turnip
celery leaves
parsley 100 gr

Just let the water boil, add all the vegetables except for parsley, cook for about 20 minutes, add parsley at the very end, some salt and spices and blend it. It's ready!!!

Суп с петрушкой:
600 мл воды
1 лук-порей
1 луковица
1 репа
листва сельдерея
100 гр петрушки
Овощи порезать, дать закипеть воде.В соленую воду положить все овощи кроме петрушки, поварить примерно 20 мин. Под конец добавить порезанную петрушку и специи. Все смешать в блендере, подавать горячим.

I have also put the red bans into cold water to let them soak over the night as toorrow I am going to make quite an old-fashioned bean soup with pig's tails and hoof for my friend. He is not an Orthodox so he doesn't have Lent at the moment. It is heavy stuff but very tasty and quite healthy btw...

Last but not least as promised a couple of pictures of my Christmas preparations:

My birdies again as you can see... The very first Christmas card this year fron my mom... A bit too early but nowadays you never know how long will it take till something you post gets to its destination.

Birdies again, some napkins and chair cushions from Ikea. You remember, I am going red and white this Christmas.

This wounderfull emroidery I got from my friend. Her mother made this emroidery for a Christmas card. I've liked it so much that I have decided to cut it out fom the card and put it into a frame so I can use it during the Christmas season.

Crocheted stars ad flowers to use as decoration for a Christmas tree or to give as a little present...

And the rest is for tomorrow my dears. Have a very nice and cosy evening!!!

4 December 2009

4th December

Have been to Ikea today. Now I am dead dead dead. I have bought some things for Christmas and I have already packed them out and arranged nicely all over the house. So cosy!!!
I will post some pictures tomorrow - that's a promise. As for today - I am going to eat my fresh salad with shrimps and tomatoes and some french fries of course, it's Belgium, guys!! ...Drink a glass of whine and enjoy my Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I am kind of starting to like this film...childish but so very cute for this period of time. It's a nice way to fill up these grey and rainy days with some magic. See you tomorrow....xxx

3 December 2009

3rd December

Lucky number 3. As you probably know cycling is quite popular in Belgium. Ialso try to go everywhere wih my bike - it's good for my health, I don't have any traffic problems and it's betr for the environment. You can see this kind of signs for bicycle routes all over the city.

For those of you who love cooking I have picked these three ideas for three different recipes. If you like to get one of themplease leave a comment and I will write them in one of my following posts. For each recipe you have 3 possible vaiations!

Have a nice day and till tomorrow!


PS I have my very first follower Kimbles at Home!!! This is so great. Thank you for your lovely comment btw.

2 December 2009

2 December

If you live near Antwerp, you will recognize this sign - going from the Ring 2 to Gent or Brugge or the seashore. This picture was taken in Berchem, when I was cycling back from the Christmas Fare in the Antwerp Expo.
As you can see it was bad bad bad and grey rainy weather again but anyway... If you want to feel more cosy I have another number 2 for you:

This looks more homely and welcoming I guess.

Here are a couple of birdies I have made using the tutorial from this amasing blog:

These birds are presents for my neighbours and friends. I only keep birdies in white and red for myself. Don't worry my neighbours don't rea my blog so little chance that they will figure out what thir little presents are this year.

I am using some rest of Zeeman acryllic yarn and jingle bells from last year.

I am planning a traditional Red and White Christmas with a tint of Scandinavian style.

Well, this is it fir today, have to return to my studies.

Have a very nice evening and till tomoroww with new numbers!

December countdown -1

I have always enjoyed this last month of every year at the bloggers' land! There are a lot of you who start with this final countdown and post beautiful pictures with numbers. Well, I want to join the fun this year, but the point is that it is not that easy to find numbers and make nice pictures at the same time. I am not disencouraged yet, I still want to go through it, but I am afraid that my photography won't be such inspiring...
I also don't have any luck with light this time of the year. It is raining already 3 weeks in a row, there is no sun and taking pictures inside is a coplete disaster! I have little light sources in my appartement, s my pictures are always turning out too dark and out of focus if I have to take them indoors. But I will try anyway ;-)

As some of you already know the 28th of November has started the Christma Lent for the Orthodox Russians. It means we do not eat from now on and till 6th of December any anymal food, like meat, cheese or milk. This is why I have to look for new recipes to make my menu a bit more variated. Today I have made a celery soup with potatoes.

Its recipe comes from the last year's edition of AllerHande - it's a free magazine from Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

The recipe is very easy - you just have to cut you celery root in smaal blocks together with 250 gr of potatoes, one onion and two garlic cloves. Then you fry it during 3-4 minutes in 2 ts of olive oil, add water or boullion, salt and herbs and let it all cook for another 20 min. Then you pour your soup in the bender, mix it all till the structure is smooth, cook it on a soft fire for another 10 min and it's ready. You can serve it with rye bread and some ham. Very very easy-peasy and healthy as you can see.
As my mom follows this blog but doesn't speak English quite well, I will post translations of the recipes for her.
Суп-пюре из сельдерея с картошкой:
1 корень сельдерея
250 гр рассыпчатой картошки
1 луковица
2 головки чеснока
2 ст л оливкого масла
бульон говяжий или овощной
Сельдерей помыть, нарезать ломтиками и очистить. Порезать на кубики. Картофель почистить и также нарезать кубиками. Лук и чснок мелко пошинковать, обжарить в масле, добавить порезанные сельдерей и картофель, попассировать еще 3-4 минуты. Добавить бульон, дать закипеть и варить на малом огне около 20 мин. Миксером сделать суп-пюре, поварить еще 10 мин и подавать горячим с кусочком ржаного хлеба (можно добавить немного порезаной ветчины или бекона для непостящихся).
Here you go. Enjoy your day and a nice meal.