2 September 2009

Raw food - something for you?

I have been surfing around and happened to find this interesting blog. I have tried to find a suitable diet for me for years, but the biggest problem is that I love cooking (and eating). I think baking and cooking in general is creative. I just can't imagine that I would eat raw food for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I really do admire people who can do it. But it's impssible for me, I would miss the process of cooking and creating too much...

I am Orthodoxe, which means that I have Lent from time to time. I must admit and I am so NOT proud of the fact, that I don't follow all the rules strictly. I do not have Lent on Wednesday and Friday, as I should; and I even allow myself to skip Lent periodes occasionally. Especially during the summer it's almost impossible for me to lent. I don't want to excuse myself and give you all the reasons I do not succeed in Lent. To be honest, it's because my will is not strong enough and my faith is not deep enough. These are the only reasons. Nothing else. Shame on me, I mean it!

And what about you? Do you follow any diet or way of life? Do you know 80/10/10 diet? What do you think about veggies? Please, feel free to share in the comments.

Granny blocks in progress

It takes time, and patience, and again a lot of time... It's a relaxing thing to do in the late evenings. You don't have to think or count, you can just keep on crochetting these blocks. The only thing you have to worry about, is your colour choice. The rest are peanuts.

I still enjoy the fresh colours of the summer. My blocks are made from 100% cotton yarn. I am planning to crochet enough of those to make a blanket. I know, it is not going to give a lot of warmth, but it's planned for pure decorative goals.

I guess it would be lot of fun to combine all these blocks in different colours in one blanket.

Have a great day!

1 September 2009

Wednesday bread

Yes, I know - strictly speaking it's not a bread... I wanted some change in my breakfast routine, so I decided to bake some croissnts. No, I am not that crazy to make them completely on my own - t would take me about 4-5 hours. So I let you do the counting to figure out, what time you should gt up if you want to eat freshly baked croissants at 7 a.m.
Lucky me, they have here fresh dough for croissants, which you only have to cut in shape, roll it and bake it. Just this simple.

Oh boy, they are TASTY. Maybe they don't look as they are from a bakery, but they are delicious. And at the en of the day - that's what counts, right?

With a cup of hot tea it's a nice beginning of the day!

Are you getting hungry ?