30 November 2009

Last autumn days

Nevertheless I do enjoy my free days. I go for a long walk with my dog in the park. He loves it! He is so active, he loves chasing the birds and making huge holes in the ground.

The park has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks... All the colours are gone... Winter is gaining power to take over. It is still warm enough but very dark and sober.

Just a little bit sunny accents in the leaves...

How is your crafting going on?I have made a couple of Christmas birds, still have to take pictures of them. But with these dark days I just don't manage to get enough light in my living room for a nice shoot. Will try again tomorrow.

You all have a nice creative evening and I will see you soon, as the December countdown will start tomorrow!!!

2 November 2009

Sweet November

Have you ever seen this movie? It's a sad one, really. But don't think I am melancholic, not at all. I am still enjouying this last colours of 2009.

In a couple of weeks all the trees are going to loose their last laves, and then it will be a very sad, grey period till the first snow will fall. But it might take a while, especially in Belgium. It's not easy to see some real snow here.

By the way, have I mentioned that I am studying for nurse at th moment? It's a bachlor degree studies, which takes 3 full years. As I work, I can't enroll for as a day student, so I've chosen for a distance education. It is hard... a lot of material, too little time.

It's just a part of all the books and courses I have to go through, not to mention te study material which is posted online. Now you probably get the idea why I don't post that much at my blog at the moment.

Also I am starting with my little-tiny kitchen garden...just some herbs to start with.

I must agree that my terras garden looks a bit better.

Completely inspired by this gorgeous variation of clours I had to make this easy autumn napkin.

As usual the napkin itself comes from Dille en Kamille, and I ust crochet the edge in different colours. You can find lots of edging crochet pattern online.
I have to step by this shop to get more napkins for Christmas. I still hope I will have time to crochet a couple of edgings with all these studies and exams coming on!

Well, I guess I will move on to my books now. Have a nice week!