27 February 2010

Still a bit crafty

I can't really call myself a crafster at the momement. There is just no time left for most of my hobbies. Sometimes I have the feeling that the only thing I do after I wake up in the morning is just sit and study, study, study... If I see all my courses together I start to hyperventilate. How in God's name am I going to get through them all???

Anyway, sometimes in the evening before I go to bed I manage to crochet a couple of rows of this baby blanket:

The choice of colours was inspired by some spring flowers:

As you can see it's a bit modified granny block pattern blanket, nothing to complecated for me at this moment. The number of hdc varies between 2 and 3 in each row, for the rest it's quite the same pattern. I love the colours anyway. I think it will be a nice blanket for a baby, so colourfull nad spring-feeling.

But off I go to finish my breakfast, walk with my doggies and yes...study!!!

26 February 2010

The days are flying by...

As you can see even my knitting basket has been occupied in the last weeks... and not by me!
Fleur has chosen it to be her new " place to sleep". Can't say I am so thrilled with this new way of things are going on here, but she does
look kind of cute. The blanket I am crochetting specially for her. She is still such a cold froggy and as the weather ain't gonna be better in the next few weeks, I need something warm to put in her cycling basket whenever I take her with me on a ride (which is pretty often I must say). I think she likes her blanket...

No way she is sleeping while following the photo camera with one eye! Do you see it? Wat here comes the close up:

And yes, she is awake - alive and kicking as you see:

Well to add some colour to this post I'd like to share with you my second favourite flower - he Tulip. Now is their season and you can find them in every little supermarket here in Belgum in all possible colours and sorts.