1 September 2009

Wednesday bread

Yes, I know - strictly speaking it's not a bread... I wanted some change in my breakfast routine, so I decided to bake some croissnts. No, I am not that crazy to make them completely on my own - t would take me about 4-5 hours. So I let you do the counting to figure out, what time you should gt up if you want to eat freshly baked croissants at 7 a.m.
Lucky me, they have here fresh dough for croissants, which you only have to cut in shape, roll it and bake it. Just this simple.

Oh boy, they are TASTY. Maybe they don't look as they are from a bakery, but they are delicious. And at the en of the day - that's what counts, right?

With a cup of hot tea it's a nice beginning of the day!

Are you getting hungry ?

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