5 October 2009


It's quite a while since my last post here.
I am back from my wounderfull vacantion in Russia and Karelia. It was such a lovely experience, as you can see.
Felix travelled with me - that was his first flight and it all went so smoothly. I am so proud of him!
There are a lot of changes in my life since my last message. I don't want to make you too curious, but I think I will wait just a bit with telling you all the news. The only thing I can mention at the moment - I will move again probably in 2010.
I haven't been too productive lately on the craft field. No time, no time... and too tired in the evenings. My eyes are so tired that I can't see what I am knitting, which just can't result in anything good. But I miss my crafting, so I still try to knit 2-3 raws per evening.

October in Belgium is a rainy, dull month. It's so grey and depressing outside. I am trying to compensate it with nice and warm colours in my clothes and around the house. And you, what do you do to fight the grey autumn feeling?

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