27 February 2010

Still a bit crafty

I can't really call myself a crafster at the momement. There is just no time left for most of my hobbies. Sometimes I have the feeling that the only thing I do after I wake up in the morning is just sit and study, study, study... If I see all my courses together I start to hyperventilate. How in God's name am I going to get through them all???

Anyway, sometimes in the evening before I go to bed I manage to crochet a couple of rows of this baby blanket:

The choice of colours was inspired by some spring flowers:

As you can see it's a bit modified granny block pattern blanket, nothing to complecated for me at this moment. The number of hdc varies between 2 and 3 in each row, for the rest it's quite the same pattern. I love the colours anyway. I think it will be a nice blanket for a baby, so colourfull nad spring-feeling.

But off I go to finish my breakfast, walk with my doggies and yes...study!!!

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