2 November 2009

Sweet November

Have you ever seen this movie? It's a sad one, really. But don't think I am melancholic, not at all. I am still enjouying this last colours of 2009.

In a couple of weeks all the trees are going to loose their last laves, and then it will be a very sad, grey period till the first snow will fall. But it might take a while, especially in Belgium. It's not easy to see some real snow here.

By the way, have I mentioned that I am studying for nurse at th moment? It's a bachlor degree studies, which takes 3 full years. As I work, I can't enroll for as a day student, so I've chosen for a distance education. It is hard... a lot of material, too little time.

It's just a part of all the books and courses I have to go through, not to mention te study material which is posted online. Now you probably get the idea why I don't post that much at my blog at the moment.

Also I am starting with my little-tiny kitchen garden...just some herbs to start with.

I must agree that my terras garden looks a bit better.

Completely inspired by this gorgeous variation of clours I had to make this easy autumn napkin.

As usual the napkin itself comes from Dille en Kamille, and I ust crochet the edge in different colours. You can find lots of edging crochet pattern online.
I have to step by this shop to get more napkins for Christmas. I still hope I will have time to crochet a couple of edgings with all these studies and exams coming on!

Well, I guess I will move on to my books now. Have a nice week!

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