28 July 2009

By Bread Alone

Thanks to Farmgirl Fare blog, I have read 2 books in 10 days time - By Bread Alone and Blessed are the cheesemakers by K. Lynch! It's a record for me as I am a very slow reader. I must tell it was nice summer reading, although these are books which you read once and never return to them again. Anyway, they did inspire me to try out a couple of new bread recipes, and that's a good thing!

I love, I really do love it to bake my own bread. I do it the old-fashioned way, kneading with hand. It takes a lot of time,I must admit, but it'ssuch a relaxing process. The kneading itself, then waiting and seeing the dough evolve and rise, looking at your bread turning golden brown on the oven...and then this smell, this gorgeous smell of freshly baked bread at your home! Trust me, it'sreally worth trying.

This morning though I have decided to bake bookwheat pancakes. These are typical Russian pancakes, which are being served with sour cream or caviar. They are smaller and thicker than the normal pancakes, and have a much stronger taste. If you find them to heavy for breakfast, you can always mix the bookwheat flour with normal pastry flower in the proportion you prefer.
This is what you will need to make 10 pancakes:
100 gr flour
1 egg( separate the yolk)
1 ts salt
1/2 ts black peper
15 gr fresh yeast
200 ml milk (room temperature)

Mix all the ingredients (except for white of egg). Add the yeast-milk mix and set apart for one hour. Whisk the white of egg, add it carefully to your mix and bake!

Enjoy it!

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