2 July 2009

A long way to travel...

This is it, this is where the power of Internet has brought me. I have my own blog!!! Me, the one who doesn't like computer and always does only essential things on it. Like sending e-mails and calling my parents.
Anyway, I guess this is the time I need to communicate, I need to find all those people who are interested in the same things as I am. From time to time I feel myself left out, a bit misplaced in the time. All my hobbies seem to be old-fashioned here. I don't know anyone of my age who would be interested in sewing, crocheting, baking or cooking. But on the other hand, if I read your blogs, my dear friends (I hope you will allow me to caal you so), I see that I am certainly not alone, that there are so many talented people around the world, who are a neverending source of inspiration for me. I would like to thank you for this! Keep on blogging and inspiring people like me.
Another problem is to find time. .. If you work full-time there is not much time left for yourself. And still, I'd really like to continue doing as much as possible.
Well, enough of complaining girl. It's time to get creative ;-) I'll see you around.

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