2 December 2009

2 December

If you live near Antwerp, you will recognize this sign - going from the Ring 2 to Gent or Brugge or the seashore. This picture was taken in Berchem, when I was cycling back from the Christmas Fare in the Antwerp Expo.
As you can see it was bad bad bad and grey rainy weather again but anyway... If you want to feel more cosy I have another number 2 for you:

This looks more homely and welcoming I guess.

Here are a couple of birdies I have made using the tutorial from this amasing blog:

These birds are presents for my neighbours and friends. I only keep birdies in white and red for myself. Don't worry my neighbours don't rea my blog so little chance that they will figure out what thir little presents are this year.

I am using some rest of Zeeman acryllic yarn and jingle bells from last year.

I am planning a traditional Red and White Christmas with a tint of Scandinavian style.

Well, this is it fir today, have to return to my studies.

Have a very nice evening and till tomoroww with new numbers!

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  1. Hello! I just found your blog and love your birdies and now I have discovered your lovely cooking - I will follow along I haven't tried the Lucy birds yet - I am busy with snowflakes I am in the UK I have been through antwerp with my family - we got very lost on the ring road and ended up in the docks!!! All the very best Kim