3 December 2009

3rd December

Lucky number 3. As you probably know cycling is quite popular in Belgium. Ialso try to go everywhere wih my bike - it's good for my health, I don't have any traffic problems and it's betr for the environment. You can see this kind of signs for bicycle routes all over the city.

For those of you who love cooking I have picked these three ideas for three different recipes. If you like to get one of themplease leave a comment and I will write them in one of my following posts. For each recipe you have 3 possible vaiations!

Have a nice day and till tomorrow!


PS I have my very first follower Kimbles at Home!!! This is so great. Thank you for your lovely comment btw.

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  1. You are very welcome! The numbered signs remind me of when we cycled from Netherlands to Belgium by mistake - we got very lost and cycled for hours and hours when we were only supposed to be out for 2!!!!!