7 December 2009

7th December

If you are looking for a new fresh idea for your advent calender for the next year here I have a suggestions. This one comes from December issue of MC des idees. I have to admit though that you need a stairs to make something like this ;-)

And what do you think about this lovely candy bag? Do you know that Ikea has these kind of candy bags this year? It is an easy option if you don't want to make them yourself...

Less cute but more practicalare these usefull gloves for cleaning. Can be used as a present, although I won't be thrilled to get something like this under my Christmas tree.

I hope you've noticed that all these ideas are number 7-marked!!!

Another marvelous tip is just to use your lovey rubber boots as gift socks. I really love it! Simple and cute.

I buy Marie Claire des idees for a couple of years now ad I find a lot of interesting ideas, tips and sugestions in every issue. This magazine is in French, whic is not that easy for me, but on the other hand it stimulates me to practice my French in a very pleasant way!

I will leave you with some more beautiful pictures from December issue:

And this idea cmes from December issue from last year. It's quite eqsy to make, you need to use Fimo and be a bit patient and accurate - the rest are peanuts ;-)

And a birdy of course which do remind me of Attic24 style a lot!

See you tomorrow guys!

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