26 August 2009


I've bought the last edition of Anna magazine today. Yes, I am really happy with it. There are a couple of interesting ideas and a lot of inspiration in it. I also read about this website, where you can order all kind of wounderfull buttons for your patchwork or other creative projects. It's really worth taking a look at it!

Just to give you an idea:

Or for those among us who is already preparing for the Christmas Holidays Giftmaking:

They are so cute! I would buy all of them if not the price. Let's be honest - they are not cheap. But I must agree, they have a huge choice and ,anyway, I won't find these kind of things here in Belgium in a regular shop.

This is also a useful way to reduce your scrap stash:

I bought two pillow cases which were too big for my pillows but also too cheap to let them go. So I had to make them smaller, which left me with two pieces of fabric I could you use for another pair of pillow cases. I also had some white cotton fabric stashed at home. One hour of measuring, cutting and sewing (yes, I know, I am a slow one ;-) - and voila, I have two extras! I believe this kind of things are always useful and welcome in every housekeeping.

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