17 August 2009

No time to waste

This afternoon I was on my way to a grocery store cmlose to my work and saw my former fitness studio. Through the window I could see a VERY thin woman jogging her last butt off.
When did I do some sport the last time??? I just honestly do not have time for it. Really, it's not one of those lazy excuses, it's really true!
I work 5 days a week, during the summer months we are away every weekend (normally we leave on Friday evening when I am back from work) to enjoy good weather. Three evenings are occupied: Tuesday and Thursday evening I go to the puppy school with my dog (to learn him some manners), Wednesday I have a student, who is following Russian language by me.
So there is Monday evening left, when I try to do some sewing, cooking, baking, washing, ironing...And the rest of the week I also have to cook in the evenings to do some domestic stuff and a bit of knitting/sewing/crocheting.
In the mornings I need about 20 min for my routine: cold quick shower and then my oil treatment stuff. I try to use natural cosmetics lately: I have a blend of natural oils with a mix of EO for my face and body, and I use vinegar-water-hydrolats-EO blend as tonic:
Soothing face tonicum
- 20 ml distilled water;
- 1 tea spoon vinegar
- 3 drops of EO lavender + 2 drops EO camomille
Dissolve EO first in 1 teaspoon of vinegar and let this blend stay for a couple of days in a dark cool place. Shke well twice a day.
Then add the EO+vinegar blend to the water, shake well and use as tonicum for your face. Please shake well every time before use.

After my cold shower I rush to let Felix out, as he is still to young to be able to wait long for a walk. It takes me another 15 minutes.

Then it's breakfast time. I eat a lot in the mornings, as I am really hungry at that time of the day. I start with some fruit and a cup of tea, and then move to sandwiches with homemade bread. This takes me about 1/2 hour.
Then doing the dishes, cleaning a bit up, dressing, feeding the dog and then again a short walk with Felix. Another 30 minutes are over.

I used to practice yoga in the mornings, but if I still want to do it, i have to get up at 5.30 which I just can't. It's too early for me. I never manage to get in bed before 24.00, so 5 1/2 hours of sleep simply won't do.
And the crafting - I LOVE it, but I don't have enough time to realise all the projects. How do you guys manage it all?

Well, anyway, enough complaining. My knitting project is going quite well, I enjoy the colour and the rough structure of the yarn. I think I'll buy more of this yarn when I go to Russia in september. It even smells like sheep a bit... or is it just my imagination?

I wish you all a very creative Monday!

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